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How Jessica Kay turned $1000 into $1,000,000!

Growing up in Akron OH, Jessica Kay became a teen mom of two by the age of 17. She knew she needed to create a better life for her kids and herself. After graduating High School with honors and moving out on her own by 18 she struggled to make ends meet. Attempting to work full-time and attend The University of Akron while raising her children where she felt defeated, so she decided to quit college and focus on working full-time so she could provide for her children. She began a career in the home care industry working as a DSP and Home Health Aide for various agencies making only $7.25-$9.50 an hour. She had to work 70-80 hours a week to have a decent paycheck to make ends meet.


A few years went on and Jessica Kay knew she had to make a change, she was working for a company, and was the parent of a child. She was providing services for sharing a bit of information that would change her life forever. She took that information and became an Independent Provider, which allowed her to make $16 an hour. This was life-changing at the time. It allowed her to spend more time with her kids and attend a local college to obtain her Associate in Business Management. This was all just the beginning.

In the short time of 6 months of becoming an IP, the go-getter and hustler  Jessica Kay is, figured out how to start her own Home Care Business, with no one to advise or consult her. In 2008, Jessica Kay took $800 and launched Your Independence Inc., a home care agency providing services to persons with developmental disabilities. Since then, Jessica Kay continued her education and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Management from the University of Phoenix. 

Jessica Kay earned the bragging rights of, "HOME CARE BOSS" amongst the many clients she has helped to advise and consult to start their own businesses over the years. Her home care business has allowed her to build up an impressive Real Estate portfolio, expand her Jessica Kay Consulting firm, and build multiple streams of income through several other industries.  

This story has no end because it is still being created, let Jessica Kay become a footprint in your story today. Book your free 10 min consultation to start living the life you always dreamed of!

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